How to determine if SEO expert is truly an expert

SEO is the basically the most essential factor to determine the failure or success of a website. Yet a lot of web development firms or web designers don’t have much knowledge about SEO and others do outdated and inaccurate work. There are several misconceptions about SEO. If you observe that your SEO expert is telling you about these outdated things about SEO, it is better to move on and find the perfect SEO expert.

SEO is optimising web page, keyword tags, Meta tags and page titles.

If this is what your SEO expert or web designer tells you, it is for sure that they have no idea about SEO. Of course you want your website pages to have right words placed in appropriate places, but that is not the only thing in SEO. Research is the major factor that contributes to a successful SEO campaign. You should know about what the right keywords are. Identifying the right keywords is a job of an SEO expert. An SEO expert should be able to give analyze 100s of keywords that are related to your business, find out the competition strength and traffic for each keyword and list out the right keywords for your business.

Keyword stuffing: every web page consists of Meta data, which is the information about the page present in source code of html file. that search engine reads but is invisible on your webpage. The Meta tags are called as keywords and sometimes this tag is misused to such an extent that Google now doesn’t use it to decide the position of a website.

Having an account in Google (adwords) and using it can rank your website high If the SEO service providers say so, please don’t buy. Using Google Ad words has impact on the results of the search engine.

Hiding text can improve SEO

This has become an old technique now where people used a plenty of keywords to the website, but keeping the text colour same as the background colour which used to make the text invisible.

Google now thinks that people are trying to fool search engines with this technique and these people are using stupid tricks to get high rank, so better remove them from the index completely SEO is ongoing task. This is not completely true. In some areas it is necessary, which needs continuous SEO, for example real estate market, which is quite competitive and needs SEO on a continuous basis to get regular targeted traffic towards the site. If you sell cookies made out of wheat grass through mail order then you can go for one time SEO campaign which will help you stay on top in search results for many years, so here you don’t need to pay for an ongoing service for SEO. Will submit your business website to so an so number of search engines This is quite popular. The truth is that only three top search engines carry out the process for ninety five per cent of search requests. Google alone holds 80% accounts. Earlier you were supposed to submit the URL of your site to directories and search engines to get indexed. This method doesn’t apply now.

Guaranteed results in SEO

If you’re SEO expert is giving you a guarantee of placing your website on the first page of the search engine Google then what you aren’t aware about this is: what are the methods through which he is going to bring your website to the top position?

So how to get real results from SEO. The best way is to help your site get back links from trusted sites. This should be from different ISPs and IP addresses; this can surely increase the SEO rankings for you. Experienced and professional SEO experts will implement different techniques to achieve this in most ethical way. They will use services and tools that make this task easier. If you are interested in doing a lot of work on your own then you can do SEO work and get good results too.

So all these points will help us know how to check if SEO experts are not fooling us and telling us about outdated techniques. If you aren’t aware of latest SEO trends then even SEO service providers can fool you telling about old techniques and you might land up not getting expected results too. So it is always better to be updated about SEO trends so that you can ask your expert or cross check your expert as what SEO techniques they are going to use for your SEO campaign. Investing in wrong services can lead you wasting time and money and sometimes you end up paying more to hire a new service for SEO all over again.