Ethical SEO and Monitoring Competitors

When a firm undertakes a complete SEO campaign, whether it is outsourced or carried out in-house, most attention is given to the company website. This is one aspect where you gain some confidence as once you create a website and it gets launched online. The second thing is to monitor how your website fares against other sites and whether all other sites are using ethical tactics for SEO.

It is believed that even after making changes to your website, your SEO service has no control over the results of search engines. Well this is not true. Often your SEO service can directly affect the results of search engines by constantly monitoring the competitors and report to various search engines when they SEO tactics used by the other sites are not ethical.

Primary Competitors

To begin with, let us understand the term competitors. Almost every business has a couple of other firms that they consider as their main competitors. This means the firms that sell same services and products that you do. It is important to monitor the SEO techniques used by competitors whether or not they are using ethical SEO techniques on a regular basis. If they are not using any other SEO service or whether they have not yet started with SEO even in house. Knowing these facts can help you gain peace that you have the entire channel until your competitors start with SEO. If the competitors have started with an SEO campaign with SEO service or without SEO service, you get to know about their marketing tactics and sales by doing analysing their targeted key phrases. You can also find out if your competitors are using ethical SEO techniques or not.

Competitors Online

Remember, that only people who are searching on the internet will decide the best between you and your competitors. They can consider any firm that suits their needs and is shown for the term they searched for. That is the reason you should expand your criteria for any competitor online to enclose any company offering same services or products that you offer and that ranks better than your company or the key phrases you target. If your SEO service or in-house staff carrying out SEO for you monitors your rank on various search engines and also keep a track of your competitors who rank higher than you, it will help you know about the competitors you rank better than you and you were not aware of them till now, but also you can get an idea about your competitors of tomorrow.

Bad Firms

There are many examples of established and smart companies who hired SEO service and the SEO company ended up putting them in trouble, which otherwise wasn’t the situation when they didn’t hire internet marketing businesses. This happened when the website of these established companies were removed from popular search engines for not following the terms of search engines. Almost all the companies claimed that they were not aware that the SEO service they hired, were not practicing ethical techniques of SEO which put them at risk.

SEO firms mostly are divided into two categories

White Hat

The firms using White Hat techniques such as that are ethical SEO techniques will never violate the rules of search engines knowingly.

Black Hat

The firms use unethical SEO techniques and violate do not obey the rules of search engines. They adopt unethical practices just to obtain desired ranking no matter what the search engines rules say.


This explains the most important aspect of ethical SEO. SEO is still a new concept to many companies. Even the established and well known companies can make various mistakes in this campaign, either by hiring wrong service for SEO or avoiding to hire professional SEO experts and prefers getting SEO done from in house employees who are not qualified and unaware of SEO concepts.


A perfect SEO service will not only monitor the number of competitors who SEOm important to you, but also keep a check on the websites ranking high than you in terms of search phrases chosen.

This may sound bit controversial for some services that use the SEO tactics considered as unethical by search engines.

The final result

After all business always monitors the activity of their competitors and you would always love to SEO your competitors making mistakes. When you find out a website not following ethical SEO, you tend to report about the website and the website gets removed. This means one company is out of the whole competition and you need not worry about the company now, at least for some time. Another benefit is when you SEO the your site has increased ranking as the violating pages get removed of course when you are using only ethical SEO tactics and you are not violating the rules of search engines, else even your competitors can report your site.